The 2020 CSA has filled up for the season. Please email us at to be added to the waiting list.


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Saugerties members pick up at the home of a CSA member on Blue Mountain Road in Saugerties on Friday afternoons from 4-6 PM.  The CSA season runs from the beginning of June through the end of October.  We’re now accepting registrations for the 2020 season.  You also have the option to purchase several add-ons, including fruit, mushrooms, eggs, and maple syrup (details on add-ons are here, and you can select them on the registration form).

Download the 2020 CSA registration form to pay your deposit or full payment by mail.

Free Choice CSA

We offer a free choice model, where you get to pick what’s in your share from the harvest week to week, selecting from a variety of veggies.  You will be able to choose 7 or 9 units of those items each week.  A unit may be two pounds of tomatoes, a big bunch of kale, a bag of salad mix, a pumpkin, etc.

We like the free choice model because the biggest concern we’ve heard over the years from CSA members is that there’s always certain items that go uneaten – after all, everyone’s taste is different.  When you get to make your own decision about what you take home, you’re going to select what you know you’ll eat, and you get to enjoy healthy, delicious food that’s fresher than anything you can find in the grocery store.  (We’ll still provide recipes and descriptions for unusual items to encourage you to try new things!)

Seem too complicated?  Don’t worry – we’ll continue to offer the regular “farmer’s choice” box of veggies (similar to other CSA farms) and accompanied by recipe suggestions.  We’re just giving you the option to select, if you want.

What’s with sliding scale?

We strive to keep our share prices as low as possible, but we know that some folks are willing and able to contribute a little more to help keep those prices down.  Therefore, we offer a sliding scale system – feel free to choose the base level, or to add a little more!

So, what does this look like?

One week, you might choose to take home a hefty load of tomatoes along with some onions and cilantro to make a giant batch of your signature salsa.  Another week, it could be three types of cooking greens, carrots, beets, kabocha squash, garlic and hakurei turnips.  Sometimes, you may feel adventurous and want to try out those watermelon radishes and romanesco cauliflower; other weeks, you’re looking for the more familiar staples for your salads and stir fries.  We look forward to giving you a chance to be yourself while eating with the seasons!

Sounds good!  How does it work?

For Saugerties members, we will email you a very simple form each week a few days before pick up, where you will select your items from what’s in season that week.  We will pre-pack your share in a box with your name on it, so it’s easy to pick up.  If you forget to fill out your form, or if you prefer the simplicity of the regular assorted box (the “farmer’s choice”), just ignore the form and we’ll take care of it!

Each week, you’ll pick up your share from the covered porch of a wonderful CSA member who has volunteered to host us this season.  Either she or one of us will be there when you come.  The exact address on Blue Mountain Rd will be sent to you after registration.  Please be respectful of our host and be sure to arrive between 4 and 6 pm each pick-up!

 Details and Pricing

Pickup day: Friday, 4-6pm

Location: Blue Mountain Road, Saugerties (address to be confirmed upon registration or request)

7-point share: $475-$550 – Great for a veggie loving individual or a small family

9-point share: $575-$650 – Suitable for a pair of veggie lovers, or a larger family

We require a $100 deposit to reserve your share, and the remainder is due by the first pickup in June.  We can work out a payment plan if you need a little more time.

Download the 2020 CSA registration form to pay your deposit or full payment by mail.

Register with an online deposit payment through our Square storefront.

Questions?  Contact us at or call (518) 528-9382.