We price shares on a tiered sliding scale system, where each member self-identifies where they are, roughly, on the spectrum of financial access.  We’ve thought about this model for awhile, but we were inspired by and give credit to Rock Steady Farm for instituting this locally (and in turn credit their inspirations and collaborators: Underground Alchemy, Soul Fire Farm, Radherb, Third Root, and the Kula Center).

Our hope is that those who have a little more, can pay a bit more, and that those who aren’t in a position to give much more can stay closer to where our pricing had been in the past.

Our 2023 pricing:

Tier 3 – $675 (7 point share) / $775 (9 point share)
Tier 2 – $625 (7 point share) / $725 (9 point share)
Tier 1 – $550 (7 point share) / $650 (9 point share)

We would like to offer the below sliding scale illustration, “The Green Bottle” to help assess where you might fit in these tiers.  This existing tool isn’t perfect, but it’s useful.  Please don’t stress too much about it — go with your gut and choose what feels right to you.

We also offer week-to-week shares at a discounted rate for payment with EBT.  Thank you to Glynwood Center for their partnership in this program!  If you’re interested in using your EBT for a weekly CSA share, please email us at [email protected].