The 2024 CSA is now open for registration!

Why CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for farmers and customers to benefit together.  Members get a better price on vegetables by committing to a season-long membership in the farm, and get access to just-out-of-the-field freshness with every weekly pick-up.  Farmers can plan easier knowing they have members they can count on, and the up-front capital allows for investing in equipment, supplies, and seed at the start of the season.  And unlike purchasing your food at a store, farmers and members alike benefit from the close relationship – tell us what your favorite veggies are and we’ll be sure to grow more!

What pickup location options do we offer?

Tuesdays at the farm, 205 Hidden Valley Road, Kingston — 4:00 – 7:00

Fridays at Rough Draft, 82 John Street, Kingston — 4:30 – 6:30

Fridays in Saugerties, Blue Mountain Road — 4:30 – 6:00

Saturdays at the farm, 205 Hidden Valley Road, Kingston — 9:00 – 3:00

How long is the CSA season?

The season is 22 weeks, starting the first week of June and running through the last week of October. For 2024, the the first Tuesday pickup will be 6/4.

What if I miss a pickup?

The first week of November serves as a makeup week for all members who missed a pickup during the season. It will be a pre-bagged share selected via a simple Google form. We can also accommodate missed weeks in additional ways, on a case-by-case basis.

What is the pricing?

Our goal is to make local, healthful food as accessible as possible to our local community. Shares cost between $600-$850 for the season, and we also offer reduced price shares for week-to-week payment with EBT. Please see our Pricing tab for more details.

To reserve a share for the season we ask for a $100 deposit, though full payment is appreciated if that’s possible for you.

For payment, the $100 deposit can be paid by credit card online if desired, but we don’t accept the entire payment via credit card due to the processing fees of our credit card vendor. However, if credit card is the only way you can pay, we can work to accommodate that. Otherwise, check or cash are great!

We also participate in the “CSA is a SNAP” program, administered by the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition.   This program is open to those who want to pay for their CSA shares using SNAP/EBT.  For program participants, the share price is subsidized to $16/week, and there is no need to pay a deposit upfront.  (In other words, you just pay $16 each week at pick-up, using your EBT card.)  Those interested in this program can register by emailing us ([email protected]) with your name, phone number, and preferred pick-up location, and we will send confirmation and pick-up details.  You can also email or call (518-528-9382) with any questions.

What do the shares look like?

With a free-choice CSA, the food you eat will reflect what is in season at that moment.  Every week you get to pick what’s in your share from the harvest week to week, selecting from a variety of veggies. Depending on the size of the share you commit to for the season, you will choose 7 or 9 units of those items each week. A unit may be four pounds of tomatoes, a big bunch of kale, a bag of salad mix, a pumpkin, etc.

We like the free choice model because the biggest concern we’ve heard over the years from CSA members is that there’s always certain items that go uneaten – after all, everyone’s taste is different. When you get to make your own decision about what you take home, you’re going to select what you know you’ll eat, and you get to enjoy healthy, delicious food that’s fresher than anything you can find in the grocery store.

What kinds of veggies will I get to take home?

How do I choose my share?

Tuesday members who pick up at the farm choose their veggies from a market-style layout under our CSA awning.  We harvest plenty of each item, so don’t worry about popular items running out.

Members picking up at the farm on Saturdays, at Rough Draft on Fridays, or in Saugerties on Fridays choose their shares through a simple weekly Google form, and our team packs out each share into a labeled bag for members to take home. 

One week, you might choose to take home a hefty load of tomatoes along with some onions and cilantro to make a giant batch of your signature salsa. Another week, it could be three types of cooking greens, carrots, beets, kabocha squash, garlic and hakurei turnips. Sometimes, you may feel adventurous and want to try out those watermelon radishes and fennel; other weeks, you’re looking for the more familiar staples for your salads and stir fries. We look forward to giving you a chance to be yourself while eating with the seasons!

Does the farm have a u-pick for members?

Yes! We have a u-pick field for all CSA members. The u-pick is open on Tuesdays from 4:00-7:00 and Saturdays from 9:00-3:00. Over the course of the season you’ll find sugar snap peas, parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, green beans, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, pole beans, ground cherries, and lots and lots of flowers. The u-pick is complementary, and does not “cost” any share points.

What add on shares do we offer?

Members can choose to add on a variety of fun shares, including mushrooms, fruit, and eggs. We also offer recurring local syrup and honey offers. Chaseholm Farm makes monthly deliveries of pre-ordered meat and dairy. We also partner with Old Ford Farm for occasional chicken deliveries. Check out our Add On Shares page to find out more.